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PermaLink Our Wedding 10/10/2011 04:07 PM

Our Wedding

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Our wedding with the Ceremony at Miller's Homestead and reception at St Bernadettes Primary School Hall.

We still have the professional photographers pictures and Jamie & Marks to come.


PermaLink Point Leo02/26/2011 04:18 PM

Point Leo

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With so few beach days this summer and with a forecast of 29Deg we made the most of it and made our way to the beach with Donna and Tahlia.


PermaLink Caitlin's 8th Birthday02/01/2011 04:18 PM

Caitlin's 8th Birthday

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Caitlin's 8th Birthday at home with a roast dinner for the family on a 40 Deg day.


PermaLink Holiday 2011 in Mallacoota01/17/2011 04:18 PM

Holiday In Mallacoota

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9 days in Mallacoota staying at Warwick's house whilst he was in Qld staying with Wendy.

Jonny, Indra and the girls came to play with us for a few days before they made their way to Merimbula.

[Still working on picture text]


PermaLink Lake Eildon 01/04/2011 04:18 PM

Lake Eildon

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We were curious to see the water levels in Lake Eildon.

The last time I crossed over the Bonnie Doon bridge cattle was grazing below it, but this time it was water skiers.

We had an aborted attempt at heading down to Stones Outstation Hut to check the water levels, on our last visit the hut was about 3kms away from the water.


PermaLink 2010 Xmas parties12/26/2010 04:18 PM
The 2010 Xmas parties....

Another year were we haven't actually hosted any of the Xmas parties.

19 December 2010 - The School and Kinder Group Xmas

Everyone had a great day with Karyn and Scott playing host for the Xmas party.
With a spit roast for lunch, jumping castle and jerry rigged shelters to keep the rain at bay.

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25 December 2010 - Xmas morning at home

Xmas morning at home with the girls opening there presents.
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25 December 2010 - The Herman Family Xmas

The Herman Family Xmas at Peter and Anna's house included all the Herman's except Wendy and Warwick who were in Brisbane.
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PermaLink Holiday 2010 in Tasmania11/26/2010 07:15 PM

Holiday in Tasmania

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We have always wanted to go to Tassie and we had been planning to go a couple of years ago but it never happened, so when Jetstar had a special offer of tickets for $19 each way we jumped at the opportunity.

Without any forward planning we snapped up 3 tickets and decided that i would take the car across on the ferry and the girls would fly across. Looking at all the different scenarios, staying in cabins, tenting or taking the caravan across, the caravan was the preferable option.


PermaLink Cath's Birthday 201010/10/2010 04:18 PM

Cath's Birthday 2010

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Cath's Birthday at home with Mum and Dad coming for roast dinner.


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